What’s in a name?

Ookoohko? Or Ooko Ohko? For the majority of the Finnish-speaking population (a whopping six million), the name makes sense. Ookoo is a local derivative of ok or okay and the Finnish -hko is a suffix very similar to -ish used in English. Hence, if you want to cut to the chase, ookoohko translates to okayish.

But a simple solution like a direct translation is a bit boring, right? That’s why I’ve been looking for alternative meanings and explanations. Thanks to the power invested in me by teh internetz, I pieced together something yesterday that I hope might work for you as well it did for me.

Turns out there’s a service called OOKO Search that indexes shareware sites and allows you to conduct searches to satisfy all your specialized software needs. They made up a word for their name from two Japanese prefixes oo- and ko-, which translate more or less to big and small.

If you take big and small and combine them with one of my favorite definitions so far for OHKO – that it’s an acronym for One Hand Knock Out – you’re not very far off from what we’re doing as our first project. Nomen est omen, anyone?

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