GOMG! goes universal

Check out the video preview and feature list of the upcoming universal HD version of GOMG! We submitted the app on Monday, it should be out soon!

Since this universal version relies heavily on OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders that some of the older devices can’t run, we had to drop support for the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and the first two generations of iPod Touch. As Apple doesn’t allow dropping support to devices that have been supported in previous versions, this is gonna be a whole new app on the App Store.

These are the things that we’ve changed in comparison to the original iPhone version:

New Controls and Options
– Interactive map screen: move around with your finger, zoom in and out to select solar system, choose any open level to play and replay
– New touch-based control method optimized for iPad
– Listen to your own music while playing
– Buttons for direct access to achievements and the hi-score leaderboard in the main menu
– Applifier button for more games

Content Additions and Improvements
– Eight new bonus levels
– Collectable gems for unlocking bonus levels
– New music for bonus levels
– New deadly enemy type
– Eight new achievements
– New puzzle elements: electric fence, flip switch, light switches, pole
– Major tweaks to all levels
– Complete reworking of three old levels
– End boss difficulty tweaks

Graphics Improvements
– New planet decorations
– Camera adjustments
– OpenGL 2.0 ES shaders
– 60 fps support for iPad 2
– Anti-aliasing for iPhone 3GS
– High resolution textures
– High resolution character meshes
– Color toning post processing effect
– Graphic effects improvements
– Planet shadow maps

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