I can haz t-shirt?

We made a small run of these beautiful t-shirts featuring a skateboarding bulldog from our upcoming game, Zero Tolerance Hero. With a bit of luck you might get yourself one of them!


We’ll keep this thing going until we run out of shirts. And just like with previous promotions, we want to give preference to the people that live as far away from our office as possible.

To take part, simply send us an email to shirts@ookoohko.com. Be sure to include your mailing address and your shirt size (S-XL). If you’re one of the lucky ones you’ll be hearing from us via snail mail.

Update: We are now out of stock. We might do a new batch when we get closer to the launch. Stay tuned.

For full disclosure, we will be holding onto your email address and might be using it in the future for sending out information on what we’re up to. However, we will never share your personal information with anybody else.

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