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Ookoohko goes Oculus First

Update: As you might have guessed, news dated April 1st aren’t always entirely true. We’re hard at work with Zero Tolerance Hero for iOS. Get Outta My Galaxy! is here to stay and on sale for the whole month, so do let your friends know if they’re into retro iOS gaming. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE One […]
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Vroom vroom!

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I can haz t-shirt?

We made a small run of these beautiful t-shirts featuring a skateboarding bulldog from our upcoming game, Zero Tolerance Hero. With a bit of luck you might get yourself one of them! We’ll keep this thing going until we run out of shirts. And just like with previous promotions, we want to give preference to […]
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Get your gear on!

Our hero Eddie showing off his wardrobe.
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Dogs on skateboards playing with fire!

We just uploaded four new screenshots from Zero Tolerance Hero to our Flickr account. We’ve spent a bit longer on the game as originally planned but we are confident all that extra time is gonna be worth it in the end. August, perhaps?
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Got it poppin’ like a parade

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