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Objects & cubes

One of the more interesting problems we faced during the development of Zero Tolerance Hero was how to clear the screen of the enemies that the player is clearing from the streets. One non-violent solution was to have the enemies simply jump out of the way. We tried elaborate animations for this approach but the […]
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Level Editor

Zero Tolerance Hero is built from a variety of street blocks that can be repeated in different combinations to no end. We started by designing the levels in a separate 2D tile-based editor which was very unintuitive and cumbersome. Sami got inspired over the holidays and rebuilt the whole thing into Unity. Now building the […]
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Unity 3 goodness

Unity 3 beta finally arrived – boy, this thing will be the coolest thing since sliced bread when it’s finished. General optimizations, Umbra occlusion culling, collision layers, better UI and ES 2.0 support and more makes sure Jack won’t be a dull boy for a long time. ;)
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They’re alive!

Here are first shots of wiku wikus and different vegetation covering the planet. The green stuff is less dangerous and the red — make an educated guess — is lethal.
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Physics, collision and occlusion prototyping

We started prototyping the physics, collisions and rendering engine optimization on Unity. We’ve managed to get quite nice amount of stuff running at decent frame rate by keeping the individual mesh polygon counts low so that the geometry can be rendered in batches.
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