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ZTH Gameplay video

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Level Editor

Zero Tolerance Hero is built from a variety of street blocks that can be repeated in different combinations to no end. We started by designing the levels in a separate 2D tile-based editor which was very unintuitive and cumbersome. Sami got inspired over the holidays and rebuilt the whole thing into Unity. Now building the […]
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GOMG! goes universal

Check out the video preview and feature list of the upcoming universal HD version of GOMG! We submitted the app on Monday, it should be out soon! Since this universal version relies heavily on OpenGL ES 2.0 shaders that some of the older devices can’t run, we had to drop support for the original iPhone, […]
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One more thing before we go live…

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Mo-cap sessions 1

Here’s a clip of members of the cast of our upcoming game working hard on some motion capture shots.
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The invasion starts in 2010

Music by Tapani Siirtola / Sound Reel. iPhone user, visit YouTube to see the teaser.
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