If you go out on the roofs today…


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Acknowledge the knowledge


It’s the f-ing bird man!

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This station is under construction


Looks like our hero has got some work to do below the ground as well…

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GOMG! HD on sale!

To celebrate the end of summer lurking around the corner, Get Outta My Galaxy! HD is now available for just $0.99! The sale lasts until August 5.

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Rollin’ with our homies

We leaped over to south of Sweden in the end of May and attended Nordic Game. We had an early demo of Zero Tolerance Hero with us and showed it around. People seemed to appreciate what we had achieved so far and provided us with invaluable feedback and great ideas that will enable us to make this the best game with a superhero armed with a pressure washer ever!

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Your eyes don’t deceive you

GOMG! HD 1.1.1 brings retina display support for the new iPad. The update is now available on the App Store!

We’re also revealing the title of our upcoming game: Zero Tolerance Hero!

It’s our second go at a game based around an antihero. You play the game as Eddie who has grown tired with all the noise and distractions of his urban surroundings. Armed with a pressure washer he becomes a superhero of his own unique kind, flying through a city block after a city block washing away the graffiti and other urban annoyance that comes his way.

We’ll be releasing the game for the iPad and the iPhone later this year. Go have a look at preview screenshots on the game site. You can follow the development here on our blog.

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