Get Outta My Galaxy! Press Kit (, 34.1 MB)
– Screenshots (iPad size, 8 jpegs)
– Ookoohko logos (tiff, eps & png)
– GOMG! logo graphic (psd)
– GOMG! planet graphic (psd)
– GOMG! characters graphics (2 psds)

Get Outta My Galaxy! Videos (embeddable, also on mobile)
– GOMG! Goes Universal (incl. gameplay footage)
– Gameplay Video (GOMG! original version):
– Story Trailer:

Press Inquiries
email: press at ookoohko dot com

Press Releases
August 4th, 2011 – Get Outta My Galaxy! HD Goes Live (pdf)

GOMG! Review Quotes (for the original version)
– iTakahashikun, AppBank

“Get Outta My Galaxy is a fantastic little game that not only looks great, but also is a lot of fun.”
Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

“The bite-sized levels are fun, frantic, and perfectly suited for a mobile device. You’ll spend the entire game slapping aliens around, and that doesn’t get old.”
Andrew Webster, Slide To Play

“It’s a game that could get away with being more expensive and still be worth playing so at less than a dollar, Get Outta My Galaxy is near unmissable. You won’t be sorry.”
Jennifer Allen, 148Apps

“Slapping self-replicating alien seed pods is just as weird as it sounds and thankfully just as fun as well.”
Andrew Nesvadba, AppSpy

“It’s at this point the game goes from being a slightly questionable novelty purchase to one that’s taking up more than just your spare time.”
Kristan Reed, EuroGamer

“Get Outta My Galaxy is thoughtfully designed for the host platform, and anyone looking for a gently absorbing (and technically impressive) way to pass the odd 10 minutes should check it out.”
Jon, Fonehome

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