A superhero set out to clean his run-down town

In Zero Tolerance Hero you will meet — and play as — Eddie who has grown tired with all the noise and distractions of his urban surroundings. Armed with a pressure washer he becomes a superhero of his own unique kind, flying through a city block after a city block washing away the graffiti and other urban annoyance that comes his way.


  • Fly your way across the city and wash away all that graffiti! Run on the streets, subway stations and roof tops.
  • Simple and intuitive touch controls make it easy to enjoy the game.
  • Enhance your super powers with power-ups ranging from shields to an armour and a flame thrower.
  • Hand-tailored ultra sharp 3D pixel graphics pop right out of the screen into your retinas.
  • Silky smooth 60 fps gameplay on all supported devices.

We'll be releasing the game in 2015. Follow the development on our blog at ookoohko.com.