The game stars a slightly grumpy space monster called "Waka" whose favorite pastimes include naps, munching on rocks and staring into space. Things start going wrong for Waka when a particularly lively variety of alien annoyance called "wikus" start spreading around his deserted home planet.

That’s where you come in. You need to take Waka along for a mission to restore peace and quiet into the galaxy, one planet at a time, slapping away anything that moves with his four arms!


Review Quotes (for the original Version)

“Get Outta My Galaxy is a fantastic little game that not only looks great, but also is a lot of fun.”
Eli Hodapp, Touch Arcade

“The bite-sized levels are fun, frantic, and perfectly suited for a mobile device. You’ll spend the entire game slapping aliens around, and that doesn’t get old.”
Andrew Webster, Slide To Play

iTakahashikun, AppBank


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Get Outta My Galaxy! HD is an awesome 3D action puzzler for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch!


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